One-offs, experiments and sketches.
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Pessimists Crystal Ball
School House
fat graveyard
The Science fiction Gardener
The Sea May
Cattery Widower
Joe's Gran
Seals Or Ghosts
witch crown
untitled (fish cat toy)
Folk Dancers Warming Up

Lay-by Louise

On Your Death In The Future
Two Lost Things From Childhood
Fruit Flies
toy for insomniacs
You Know who You Are
The Stock Character
Response to ISBN: 0-86068-055-X

Cornish Poems


The Last Of The Bottle Head Mystics

notes tkane at meetings
Indecisive Man
2 soldiers fighting in the desert
The Comfort Of Fictional Violence
The Bogman
It is only the wind making the stars sway
Magic Beach Staff
Skin Flick
Specialist Lure
ok kill me

Mrs Piggins

Abstract Pornography
Im just a great big joke to you, right?
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