pig man joe
farm equipment
mrs melvoys
this is how it is
big stage
small stage
joe helps
true face
dragged away
pig fighting

Pig Man Joe was perpetrated by Luan Blake and Rupert Mealing, with the vocal talents of Owen Ridley. Original music was by David Trevail, arranged by ‘Catface’ Anderson and Jessica Griffin. The set was designed, gathered and made by Owen Ridley. Nasty things were made by Zotto Bloodbunny, who also did some things with light with the expert ‘Crow’ Jenny Swindells. The sound technician was Jessica Griffin. Costumes were designed and gathered by Ellan Parry. Posters were made by Rupert Mealing and Zotto Bloodbunny. Weller Inc. supplied some particularly grisly research. The production team was Joe Hole, Tom Richards and Daniel McGarry and many others, with Louise and Graham courtesy of the University of Brighton. Kesh and co. provided some rather classy front of house. Daylight Control was managed by Tess. The performance director was Marion Duggan. Pig Man Joe was written and directed by Laura H. Trevail.

Thanks to Clifford of Brighton Ltd. (they’re lovely) for help with lights, Pets’ Pantry in the open market for straw and a real pig’s ear for luck, DAR Electrical Supplies for our kettle, Jim for being a hero, Trudi Couldridge and Pauline Mills for sponsorship, The University of Brighton, Dan and Steve at The Marlborough Theatre, many gentlemen in blue t-shirts and all entities who have been good to us. Florence and Nelson would like to thank Sparkleland for their brief but happy lives. Thank you also to those heroes who will inevitably join in after this has gone to print/been shoddily photocopied.