i am an archive

"I Am An Archive" is an evolving project by artist Barbara Steveni. An ongoing series of artist walks and conversations, extended in reach through the use of documentation into an evolving archive, drawing together memories, works and gatherings over many years.

My role on this project has been documenting and co-ordinating the varied documentation of others into a useable library of material to be used, re-used and added to as the project progresses. The documentation has been video, audio and photography, using several cameras and very subjective viewpoints, including a POV camera carried by Barbara herself.

I can't link you to material here, as it is all part of the project and not yet digitised. But it is often presented as part of Barbara's ongoing discourse. For example as part of a talk at Arnolfini, here. And in an upcoming exhitibion at Raven Row, here.

Below are some stereoscopes I took as part of the documentation process, just to give a bit of a taste of it.

For information about viewing stereoscopes, click here.

For more information about Barbara's work, and APG click here.

conversation in edinburgh
Deep in conversation in Edinburgh.
Arriving at accomodation in Edinburgh.
3d gloves
In the Tate Archive, looking through letters written in the 1960s.
In Edinburgh, talking about government placements that took place in this
now condemned building. You can see Barbara is wearing the POV camera to
record her perspective, and participants reactions to conversation.
flat time house
Arriving at Flat Time House.
portnald road
In conversation at Portland Road.
bings 2
Looking out over "Niddrie Woman"
The Seven Sisters.
tate archive
Looking through the APG Archive in the Tate with Gustav Metzger.
Presenting the final piece of the APG Archive to Adrian Glew.
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